November 15, 2011

Plaid Burlap…..Placemats

nov 15 2011 031

    We obviously work with a lot of fabric in the workroom at Details!!!  In our experience with fabric, we have learned, as many of you might already know, that the best way to cut silk evenly is to pull a thread to create a cut line.  As it turns out, that is also a great method when working with Burlap!  Pulling a thread is simple.  Just start at the edge, lift a “thread” in the burlap where you want your “cut line” to be, and then pull it completely out.  It will leave a straight line all the way across the fabric to serve as your cutting line!  Now, lets apply this method to today’s DIY Burlap Project!

Materials Needed:

- Burlap (yardage depends on number of placemats)
- Skewer or other Pointed Object
- Scissors
- Fray Check

Today, we are doing  a “no-sew” project that is super easy!  We are making a “plaid” placemat, well, sort of….. 
The plaid pattern is created by removing threads.

So, lets get started!

First, determine the size you want your placemats to be and how many you need.  (We cut ours approximately 16” X  21”) Next, cut burlap pieces that will be used as your placemats.  Note:  We suggest using the “pull a thread method” to create your cut lines in order to keep your placemats even/straight.  Once you have them cut, apply fray check around the edges so that the placemats won’t ravel.  We determined we wanted an even pattern so, we began by marking our “plaid lines” on the short side of the mat (16”).  We marked three lines 4” apart.  So our spacing was simple….(4, 4, 4, 4). 

nov 15 2011 010

Starting at first pin marking a plaid line, we lifted a thread with our skewer and pulled a thread.  Note:  When pulling the thread, hold the opposite side of the burlap/placemat to make the removal easier.  If the thread breaks, just find the point where it broke and using the skewer, lift the thread again and continue the removal.  This process is VERY EASY.  They really just pull right out in most cases. 

nov 15 2011 011

nov 15 2011 013

We chose to remove five threads at each pin.  (the one even with the pin and two more on either side of it).  Continue this process until you have removed the threads at each pinned/marked point.

nov 15 2011 016

nov 15 2011 018

nov 15 2011 024

Next, we marked the “plaid” lines on the longest side (21”) of the mat 4” apart with  4.5” left on each outside.  So our our spacing looked like this…(4.5, 4, 4 ,4 , 4.5).  Again, we marked the lines with pins. 

nov 15 2011 025

Then, we repeated the same process by removing five threads at each pin.  Note:  There will be no threads left at the points where each line intersects and that is to be expected. 

nov 15 2011 026

Now, your placemat should look like this.

nov 15 2011 035

Note:  We tied the napkins with the strings that we removed.

nov 15 2011 038

We chose to cut another burlap mat to go underneath our “plaid” placemat for contrast.  We like this look because you can see the color peeking through the “plaid lines”. (Note:  the orange mat shown was cut at 18” X 23”.  Remember to fray check the edges).

nov 15 2011 033

nov 15 2011 028

nov 15 2011 031

Then, we decided to change it up a bit…..

nov 15 2011 040

We really love this project because it is so easy and extremely versatile.  Be creative with your plaid patterns.  You are limited only by your imagination!  Please continue sending us your comments and pictures of your creations!  We love them all!!!


Project Notes:

- Remember to use Fray Check as the Burlap will ravel.

Don’t forget to stop by Details to pick up your Burlap and get started!

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