November 7, 2011

Another Fabulous Burlap Wreath Project...Courtesy of a Details' Customer


     Today's Burlap Project is a fun and versatile wreath that you can put together in no time...and no sewing is required.  The coolest thing about this project is that it was completed and shared with us by one of our Details' customers, Lee Hornsby!  We are so excited to have Lee as our guest blogger today. 

Materials Needed:

- Straw Wreath Form (I used an 18" form)
- 1 1/4  Yards Burlap
- Ribbon of Your Choice
- Any Additional Holiday and/or Seasonal Accessory or Embellishment

Start by cutting burlap strips that measure approximately 2 1/2" wide X  24" long.  The number of strips needed will depend on the size of your wreath form.  I used approximately 36 strips. 

Now, you simply begin tying the strips onto the wreath with a double knot (knot facing forward). 

Continue this process of tying the strips fairly tight, but still loose enough to slide them a bit if necessary for good placement.  Simply examine the appearance as you go and add additional strips as needed to fill in any gaps. (I'm also including a picture of the back side of the wreath just to show placement/coverage etc...)

Once you are satisfied with the fullness of the wreath, add a bow tied from the ribbon of your choice.  Finally, add any additional embellishment(s) to correlate with the current season, holiday, etc...

We love Lee's wreath because it is simple, easy, and inexpensive to make.  However, it looks like a millon bucks!!!  It is extremely versatile in that you can change out the embellishments etc... to work for any event, holiday, or season.

Thanks again, Lee For Sharing This Fun Burlap Project With Us.

Project Notes:

- We suggest leaving the plastic on the form since it does "shed" a bit. 
   It will be covered by the burlap strips and will never be seen anyway.
- Don't be concerned about the fraying of the burlap.  It actually adds to the
   overall look.
- We suggest cutting one strip first and tying it onto the wreath to make sure 
   you like the length before cutting them all.
-  It can be hung on a wreath hanger or you can tie a burlap strip to the top to
   create a loop to attach to a command hook etc...


Don't Forget To Stop By Details and Pickup Your Burlap and Get Started!

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