September 19, 2010

Warm or Cool....or Both???

Warm Tones or Cool Tones....I have forever been of the mindset that good design required us to choose. While I have always been intrigued by the sophistication of any design that had just the perfect mix of cool colors and even welcomed those design opportunities that required me to step out of my realm of normalcy, I personally have always been smitten with the comfort and "warmth" of a warm color palette. But the very idea of mixing the two....just not an option!!!

Well, it seems I might be rethinking my "design position" on this topic. Over the last several months, I have come across several fabrics and designs that have really opening my eyes to the possibility that maybe...just maybe...with just the right mix of fabrics, paint, textures, furnishings, colors, etc.... it can work.

Cover of the March 2010 Additional of Traditional Home

The following pictures are some of the rooms featured in this issue designed by Kara Mann.

And...I just thought this was really cool. RS7530019 Gold and Silver Glass Orb Pendant Lighting. (R & S Robertson Ltd.).

So.....I guess it is safe to say I am coming around! Let me know what you think.