May 29, 2010

Accessorize Your Walls

1. I find that it is best to lay out the framed artwork/pictures on a flat surface (large table or floor). This allows for a better perspective on spacing and the overall finished appearance.

2. It is best to start by placing the largest piece in the center.

3. Continue to add additional framed pieces and "build out" from all four sides of the original
center piece keeping in mind the height and width of the space you are trying to fill. If you
like symmetry, you might balance each piece placed with a similar sized piece on the opposite

If you prefer a more asymmetric vignette, you might place multiple smaller
pieces on the opposite side that will just give overall balance rather than
an exact match.

4. In most cases, it is better to keep the spacing consistent between each frame.

5. Once you are pleased with the placement of each piece, you may begin the mounting process.
Additional Tips:

You can also cut a piece of art/craft paper to the size of the area in which you will be creating your vignette on the wall. Place the paper on the floor. Begin the process listed above and arrange the framed pieces on the paper. Once you are pleased with the arrangement, outline each frame on the paper. Mark the mounting positions as well (location of the mounting hardware on the back of each frame). This will ensure that each piece will be hung at the desired height. You can then use the paper as a template on the wall to not only mark the art placement, but also the actual placement of the mounting hardware.

Design Detail:

To add additional style and dimension, you can mix in various architectual pieces or wall sconces.

Notice how these art vignettes incorporate the furniture pieces below.

This is a unique way to use framed photes in a hallway or corridor.

Who says you can only use art.

It doesn't have to be art at all!

Be creative and think outside the box!

Have fun.

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